Globalinx Virginia Beach Subsea &
Terrestrial Fiber Meet-Me-Point

Subsea Colocation at the forefront of Global Connectivity & Virginia Beach’s direct connection Spain, Puerto Rico & Brazil | The progressive port city of Virginia Beach is dubbed America’s “digital port” By Virginia Beach Economic Development Board, through its direct high-speed connections to the rest of the world.

Globalinx providers stand-alone dedicated Cable Landing Station (CLS) and innovative and resilient Subsea Carrier-Neutral Colocation Hotel for the interconnection between subsea and terrestrial fiber. Cloud service providers, enterprises, dark fiber providers and others will benefit from interconnectivity at the heart of a new international connectivity hub in Virginia Beach.


Located in Corporate Landing Business Park in Virginia Beach, the Globalinx Subsea CarrierNeutral Hotel is a literal beachhead for interconnection between subsea fiber capacity and terrestrial fiber capacity. Just a few yards from the Telxius Cable Landing Station (CLS), the Globalinx Subsea Colocation Carrier-Neutral site provides direct access to the MAREA Subsea Cable — an innovative project initiated by Facebook, Microsoft and Telxius, and the first subsea cable connecting Virginia and Spain — as well as to the BRUSA Subsea Cable, linking Virginia Beach to Puerto Rico and Brazil directly. Virginia Beach is fast SUBSEA CARRIER-NEUTRAL CAMPUS becoming the alternative subsea cable termination point offering subsea cable operators and owners a viable and diverse option to the existing subsea cable landing stations in Long Island and New Jersey.

Globalinx is the meet-me point between subsea and terrestrial connectivity providing unsurpassed access between four continents: North America, South America, Europe and Africa.

Location & Subsea Carrier-Neutrality

Virginia Beach is a unique location for subsea cable landings, completely diverse from the existing subsea Cable Landing Stations (CLS) located in the North East (NY/NJ) or in the South East (FL). Virginia Beach offers diverse location in themid-Atlantic region for new subsea cables to land in the mid-Atlantic region. Globalinx Virginia Beach Subsea Carrier-Neutral Colocation Hotel provides facilities for Meet-Me-Room / NNIs(Network-to-Network Interconnections) for various carriers and other entities who will have network traffic traversing on MAREA and BRUSA subsea cables. Globalinx has plans to develop Cable Landing Station (CLS) for Subsea Cable operators in addition to Subsea Carrier-Neutral Colocation Hotel.

International Cables

  • The first transatlantic fiber cables in the Mid-Atlantic
  • The Marea cable – owned by Facebook, Microsoft and Telefonica – high-speed connectivity from Bilbao, Spain, to Virginia Beach
  • BRUSA, owned by Telefonica, will connect to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Virginia Beach in the first quarter of 2018
  • Additional cables are being planned, and more announcements are expected.

Local Connectivity

  • International, national and local fiber connectivity with multiple paths to Northern Virginia, southern and western key connectivity hubs
  • Fiber at or near site includes Level 3 Communications, Windstream, Lumos, MBC and Metro Fiber Networks
  • Competitive Tax Rate: Virginia Beach will be the lowest in the State
  • Establishment of a Technology Zone
  • Creation of Offshore Cable Protection Zones for Camp Pendleton and Sandbridge
  • Dominion Energy Certified Data Center Sites – with fortified power for ample growth
  • Designed to Tier III data center rating
  • Secured and fortified perimeter fence
  • Cabinet density range from 2kW to 15kW per cabinet
  • Located 17 feet above sea level
  • Outside of the 500 year flood-zone
  • Progressive data center design offering multi- phase expansion capability
  • Private & autonomous data suites per tenant’s space requirements
  • Power
  • Energy provision is robust, redundant and low-cost
  • Served by a 34.5 kV, three-phase primary underground distribution feeder with a nearby 115 kV transmission line in the Corporate Landing Business Park